Latest News (November 2018)

The Steering Group has continued its work on the Neighbourhood Plan. It will be ready for further consultation and eventually examination during 2019.

Following earlier rounds of consultation, we have  identified the areas within the parish which will be designated as Green Spaces. If the Plan is adopted and approved this will give them protection from possible future development. We have also defined the boundaries of the Area of Separation between Caton and Brookhouse again with a view to protecting this land from development.

Lancaster City Council have recently completed a very large number of site assessments (SHELAAs) across the entire Lancaster district and have indicated whether they judge them to be suitable or unsuitable for future development. We have recently received details of those which are relevant to the Caton with Littledale Parish. In many cases these are sites put forward to Lancaster by landowners. They will be publicly available on the Lancaster City Council website in January.

 The Steering Group has had advance access to  the site assessments carried out by Lancaster for our parish. As a result  we are about to commission an independent cumulative impact survey. This will be to assess potential effects on the Parish (residents, heritage, landscape and ecology) if all the sites deemed suitable for development by Lancaster were to result in housing development. Only when we have received the findings of the independent survey will we formulate any recommendations for inclusion in the final draft of the plan which will be available in a further round of consultation in 2019.

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Map of the Parish – the area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan



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