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Give your little one a healthier, happier and more enjoyable start with Zumbini!

Suze Parker, a licensed Zumbini instructor has set up classes for parents and children in the local area and is now offering this new class at The Centre @ Halton.

 Zumbini (created by Zumba) is a music and movement class for children, 0 to 4 years, to attend with their parents and guardians.

With original music, dancing, singing, instruments, and scarves it is a fun and engaging class.

Zumbini will give your child the freedom and confidence to grow and develop cognitive, social, motor and emotional skills.

Zumbini is FUN for both you and your child. So get ready for 45 minutes of can’t stop, won’t stop bonding, learning and fun!

 Classes will take place every Wednesday from 9.30am – 10.15am during term time.

 Places are limited so please contact Suze on 07565881469 to secure your place.

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