Wine Tasting with Kerstin Cable

I'm Kerstin and I work in the Hive at Halton Mill. I noticed much excitement when I shared that my family in Germany are artisan family winemakers, and promised a wine tasting. I'm very enthusiastic about sharing our wine with as many people as possible, so I wondered if you want to enjoy a wine evening with me? I'll have pictures, stories, songs from the vineyards. You'll have your glasses of amazing wine. I would love to make this happen, so if you love wine and you are around in June, please come! I would need about 10-15 people to ensure you get 5-7 glasses of wine plus nibbles for your £15. "Hammes Wine Germany" for inspiration (We also have a couple of holiday cottages in a wonderful part of Germany!)

The wines are not certified vegan, but our processes use Bentonite and that's a vegan friendly filtering product. I'd say it's vegan friendly. if you want more details, send me an email and I'll enquire - contact me at

Transport - see here for travel info. Or join our Facebook liftshare group to offer or ask for a lift:

Come and try the (vegan-friendly) wines from Kerstin's family's vineyard in Germany's beautiful Mosel valley.


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