Talk: Twenty amusing years in sales and marketing

Talk: By Tim Foreman

Tim is a regular speaker to Yorkshire and Lancashire clubs, societies, groups, businesses and organisations.  Tim uses his natural Northern sense of humour to bring his original stories to life and entertain audiences. Tim qualified as a teacher in 1982 and after a year as president of the students union he ‘fell’ into the world of sales and marketing.

Title: "Twenty amusing years in sales & marketing"

Based around the first twenty years of Tim’s career, and with quick and amusing references back to his school days he brings to life the world of sales and marketing with true stories of his own experiences which he relates to the audience through reference to the way they are sold to every day. 

Did you ever wonder about those sales campaigns, the successes and failures, the good and the bad, the add on insurance and the cold calls? He will reveal all and more including the dog that chased the cat throughout a whole appointment and why it did it, the death claim that wasn’t, the free gifts that were more popular than money invested, why he was called Justin for over 10 years, how he put Hull on the map and why ABCXYZ are the six most important letters in the speakers alphabet

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