Re Thinking British Imperial History

Re Thinking British Imperial History

Tues 20th Feb, 10.30-12.30 course A, Tues 17th Feb, 19.00-21.00 course B

A 4 week course with Mary Searle-Chatterjee.  This lecture/discussion course will examine current conflicting interpretations of Britain’s rise to power. Topics will include:

  • the World before British and European Empires
  • Theories of British exceptionalism (cultural, institutional, environmental)
  • political/economic critiques of theories of exceptionalism, and
  • Lancashire textiles and the Indian connection.

Mary is a fascinating lecturer and there’ll be lots of chance for discussion and argument.  £40 (£20 for people on means tested benefits or in full time education – please bring evidence of your entitlement to the first course) To book visit or call 07582789406


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