Hello, I am wondering if anybody has any knowledge of the Purchase family living in Caton. Some of my family members had lived in Silver Street. My Mother was born in a house opposite Claughton brickworks. Her Grandmother, Amelia Purchase, delivered her. My Mother was born on 11th October, 1929 to Margaretta May Kay nee Purchase. Her Father, my Grandfather, being James Kay. Apparently Amelia Purchase had been the village midwife. My Mother has a little memory of her time as an infant in Caton. I wonder if there are any local records, memories, photos of Caton Gala. My Mother recollects her Mother Margaretta May Kay nee Purchase wearing a wig and dressed with the theme 'Lancashire Weavers 100 years ago', my Mother's siblings were Muriel Kay, dressed as a milkmaid, Elsie, an orange girl, Geoffrey a balloon boy, Doris Annie sitting in a cardboard box 'a walking talking doll' possible age 4 years? I am assuming therefore it may have been circa 1933. My Mother is now aged 86 years. Susan Purchase (nee Tolley) was buried at St. Paul's churchyard in 1897, her Husband Edward Purchase is also buried with her. They had a Son, William Purchase, who married Amelia Green, They were married at St. Paul's Church, Caton with Littledale in 1878. William had a sister named Annie who married into the MASON family from Hornby. The children of William and Amelia Purchase, (i.e. My Mother Doris' Purchase line Aunts and Uncles) being oldest to youngest - Elizabeth Purchase born 1880 married John Alston from Caton; Susannah Purchase, born in 1882 married Isaac Winder; William Purchase born in 1885 married Grace Huxtable; Edward Purchase born 1886 died at a year old; AMELIA PURCHASE born in 1888 married George Johnston from Halton on Lune; Beatrice Annie Purchase born in 1890 married John Watson; Rhoda Mary born 1894 died soon after birth; Edith Agnes Purchase born in 1894 married WilliAm Russell; MARGARETTA MAY PURCHASE born 1897; Edward 11 Purchase born in 1901 died after birth. I am hopeful that some villagers may have some knowledge and there may be some local archives available. I am keen to see a photograph of my Great Grandmother and the one lost of my Mother together with her siblings and my Grandmother at the Caton Gala during the 1930's. Thank you. Annette