Paul Sprawl

Door opens 7.30 with bar, concert starts 8 p.m. 

Cost £8/£5 or 'pay what you feel'. 


Born and raised in California, Paul Sprawl has been playing guitar, singing and writing songs since he was a boy. His music uniquely combines percussive guitar techniques with bottleneck, tapping, harmonica and a baritone voice. 


Some recent reviews of shows by presenters/promoters:

"Paul played an intense concert, blending playful with passionate, songs of the road with songs of politics, shorter with longer, and throughout showing a tremendous mastery of his voice and of his guitar. It was musically rich and intellectually challenging, and our audience gladly went deep with him."
(T. Kohlenberg)  Boston, Mass

"Paul put on a fantastic performance for us this weekend. To say that his guitar style was extraordinaire would be an understatement. It was jaw-dropping. Check him out folks."
(D. Miskey)    Edmonton, AB


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