You may have noticed in the summer months Caton and Brookhouse has a thriving population of swifts.  One of our most impressive migrant birds can be seen and heard above the roof tops of The Victoria Institute, Methodist Church and other buildings in that vicinity. This is really good news, but the bad news is; nationally swifts are in serious decline and desperately need our help.

A few of us have got together to try and preserve and grow the Caton and Brookhouse swift population. Please let us know if you are lucky enough to have swifts nesting in your roof. Over the next few years we would like to monitor the local population as well as establish more nesting sites in both old and new houses. Swifts return year after year to the same site and renovations of old buildings can often mean the loss of a precious nest. There is lots of information on the internet for house owners, builders and developers about preserving existing sites and installing Swift Bricks and Boxes. Please email us at luneswifts@gmail.com or call 01524771407 to report an existing nest site or for advice on installing boxes or anything else swift related. If you are interested in swifts and in conducting surveys please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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