Save Hornby Pool!

The save Hornby Pool campaign is gathering momentum . The best route forward looks to be be an independent Community Asset Transfer (CAT).  The ‘CAT’ process transfers the pool from Local Authority ownership to the community.  We need serious money to support a pool opening. We have seen the latest survey of the building and are confident that there is nothing in that report that deters us from taking it forward. We have seen the trading figures and with wider marketing the opportunities to increase turnover and attract new and diverse users have been identified. This means that a management board and operational team can now be formed to produce and manage an approved business strategy for the benefit of the community.

The £25.00 Community Share pledges are still coming in but we welcome more to prove viability and that we really mean business .We have had one or two extremely generous pledges and would very much appreciate any further corporate offers of support. Anyone can pledge for any reason, this Pool is for you , your family, your community and the future- whatever your reason -  please join us and pledge support. Dave Collins is doing a superb job of gathering pledges and if you are still thinking about it please let him know and he can answer any concerns you may have. But of course to kick start, we need cash in the bank. Although we are looking in the long term to attract financial support from funders and providing community matched funding we need to raise money for the ‘seed’ fund /’Save Hornby Pool’  fighting fund. We need this  for posters, publicity materials etc. and have received generous support to date. We are all unpaid volunteers but bills have to be paid  and we need a cash reserve for our fighting fund and to this end we would ask you to support these fundraising activites:

1)        A save the pool ‘local knowledge’ Quiz sheet is now on sale – just £1.00  Thanks to Rose Roberts, Jeanette and Andrew White . Please buy it, have fun and win donated prizes!

2)    1950s Party Night at Hornby Institute.   ‘The music of your life’     Saturday 12th August at 7.30 pm Tickets  £10.00.

3)    The Hornby Singers (augmented) concert at the Hornby Institute  Saturday 16th September at 7.30 pm .

Lots more in the pipeline

For further details- please  email  or phone  01524 805666.

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