Caton Community School field

Our green spaces

In the recent  Neighbourhood plan survey, many of you told us how much you value our green spaces. These include: Station Field and Bowling Green; River Lune Millennium Path; Area of Separation between Brookhouse and Caton; Caton County School Playing field; Fell View green; Caton St Pauls Playing Field; Beckside. To make sure each of these is protected, we now have to apply, with evidence, for each to be designated a Green Space by Lancaster City Council (‘to provide local communities with the power to identify those areas of green space valued by local people’). Please let us know if you think you may be able to help us with information about why the space is special to our local community or holds particular local significance.  The criteria are:  BEAUTY: what makes it special to you, and when and how often do you appreciate it (eg walking daily, driving to work, with visitors etc)? RECREATION: have you taken part in, or know about, any  informal and formal games or other activities for the community - now or in the past? -  and if these have changed over time.    WILDLIFE: - have you spotted animals, insects, flowers, trees etc along the edges, in hedges, or on the space and could you send us a list or images? Please go out and look! Local knowledge is especially helpful to build up a profile of habitats, species, changes over time. Do you belong to any local wildlife groups which could also be asked?  TRANQUILLITY: do you and/or those you know, value the space for peaceful enjoyment, reflection, or other similar reasons? HISTORIC IMPORTANCE: do you know about the history of a site - any cultural associations, such as with local groups or organisations  or with the Lune Valley; heritage assets, such as the fishstones, plague stone, especially if you can suggest a feature which is not widely known;  the historical setting of the green space; valued landmarks or other historical information? BOUNDARIES: have you any information about the boundaries of any site, and how these may have changed over time?  We can add other reasons, so can you suggest any? Green spaces which are successfully ‘designated’ will become part of our Neighbourhood plan. Contact Chris Kynch on 771744 or email

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