November Annual Scout Wide Game

The competition takes place in the dark  every year around footpaths and pavements in Caton

Using their map reading skills Scouts follow a route that changes each year.

Parents and Leaders on bases along the route ask questions or set small tasks based on Scouting knowledge or skills


1. Night Hunters        69 Points

2. Savage Sheep      63 Points

3=.Purple Giraffes     62 Points

3=.Fat Geezers          62 Points

5. My Favourite Team  59Points

The Scout Leaders would like to point out that the teams chose their own names and it's nothing to do with them!

The Scouts had a very enjoyable competition and the Leaders would like to say thank you to all the parents who turned out to help

Thank you too to Mr Barker who gave the Scout Leaders permission to set part of the course across his field

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