KS Fitness Pilates

KS FITNESS PILATES MONDAY 6.00-6.45PM - Starts Monday 4th September 2017

£6 per session – Pay on the day – Please bring your own mat

If you like Pilates but would like to experience a modern, upbeat version, then KS Fitness Pilates is for you. Kick Start Fitness Pilates is an energising class, working through a Fitness Pilates flow sequence of 24 exercises, mixing classical, functional and standing key moves and principles. Each move is performed for 1 minute then 30 seconds recovery/stretch is taken before the next move begins. Based upon the teachings of Joseph Pilates, this effective blend of the exercises offers modifications and updated exercises to provide a controlled body conditioning class to upbeat chill out music. So come along and develop your muscle tone, increase your flexibility and help reduce stress in this modern class for all levels and abilities. Please contact for further details:  www.lauradaglish.co.uk   laura@lauradaglish.co.uk

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