Jeeves & Murder Criminal Cabaret Dinner Show

Jeeves & Murder Criminal Cabaret Dinner Show
Friday 4 August 2017
At the Hornby Institute
7pm for 7.30pm prompt
Tickets - £25 pp available from the Institute (from 10am - 12noon). Tel: 015242 22227 (deadline 24 July 2017).

What Ho, chaps! Looks like there’s a bally killer on the loose and it’s up to you to solve the crime. Afternoon tea and croquet on the lawn just won’t be the same until this rotten killer is locked away. So get those grey cells beavering away and you’ll have it cracked in no time, By Jeeves!

This will be presented over a three course meal, the Criminal Cabaret shows are an evening of comedy and murder as the mystery comes to life around you. Scenes of evidence are presented between your courses and the suspects mingle amongst you to be questioned whilst you eat as you try and discover which of these larger than life characters committed the deadly deed. You are guided along on your investigation by the all-seeing, all knowing Inspectre who hosts the night, hands out handy hints and clues and eventually reveals the solution to the mystery and rewards those who are the superest of sleuths.

For further details please ring Carol Webster on 07745342600. This is a show NOT to be missed!

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