Fish Can't Climb Trees- The Mercury Model Workshop

This action-packed, fun-filled participatory workshop will forever change how you view your own mind and everyone else's, how each of us handles information, naturally and individually, and what we need in order to take in your message.
The Mercury Model focuses on mental uniqueness. It can improve learning and kick-start mutually respectful communication with people of all ages, both genders, from any culture, on any topic, in any situation - from classrooms to living rooms, boardrooms to bar rooms.
Learn the Mercury Model in a day and use it for the rest of your life.
Pre-registration is essential – with date of birth and course payment– as I do personal work for each participant before the event.
The... day fee is £55 which includes drinks, refreshments and personalised handouts. (Bursaries are available.) We will share lunch, Jacob’s Join style. Please bring one of your favourite dishes.
For information and/or bank details for registration, please email or phone Helyn on 01539 822225.


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