Pilates for beginners and improvers.Victoria Institute Caton
Wednesday 10am-11am. Classes are usually in blocks of 6 weeks. £8.50 per session. Booking necessary.

RGB Physiotherapy and sports injuries clinic

RGB Physiotherapy and sports injuries clinic can treat musculo-skeletal injuries including low back and neck pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, muscle injury, post fracture and post surgical rehabilitation, sports and work related injuries and many more. RGB Physiotherapy will always treat the cause of your problem and not just your symptoms, decreasing the risk of recurrent injury.


Shiatsu is a massage system involving the stimulation of acupressure points following the ancient theories of Traditional Oriental Medicine. This is the same theory used by acupuncturists but in shiatsu the needles are replaced by finger-pressure, and modern massage techniques from physiotherapy and sports massage are also used as required.