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Appleby Grammar School Results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 2:34pm
A-level Results                  

Kendal comedy trio make popular parody farming song

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 2:18pm
A COMEDY band based in Kendal have released a video in which they parody the Lake District farming way of life.

Settle College - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:57pm
Settle College - A-level results

Millom School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:40pm
Millom School - A-level results

INQUEST: Well-known Grasmere man died after falling into the River Rothay

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:40pm
A POPULAR Grasmere man drowned after he fell into the River Rothay, and inquest at Kendal heard.

Farming diary

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:27pm
Summer time is show time and we are now well in to show season.

Kirkby Stephen Grammar School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:24pm
Kirkby Stephen Grammar School - A-level results

Sedbergh School - A-level Results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:14pm
D. Abashkina A, Ge, R; P.J. Ashall Des; P.E. Baerschmidt BS, E Lit, G(AS); V.E.J. Bailey C, M, P; J.L. Bird E Lit, Ec, Ge, B(AS); H.E.B. Bolton Ge, H, RS; R.D. Bradley C, Ge, P, M(AS); F.A. Brearley A, Des, RS, ExPr; A. Byrne-Watts E Lit, Ec, RS, Sp(AS); R.J. Canham Ec, PE, Ps; G. Carberry E Lit, H, RS; J.L. Carruthers E Lit, Ec, GC; B.M. Chamberlain B, G, Ge; J.K.Y. Chan Ch, C, M; Y. Chen Ch, FM, M, P; K.Y. Chung Ch, H, Ps, Sp(AS); N.D. Combe E Lit, G, ExPr; W.C. Cowen G, Ge, RS; T.A. Curran E Lit, Ge, Ps; C.A.J. Dale Ge, M, PE; A. Daniel GC, M, R,  P(AS); C.S. Dobson E Lit, Ge, RS, Ec(AS); F. Dottinger BS, Gm, M, G(AS); S.G. Down Des, GC, PE(AS); A.A. Duncan E Lit, H, L, B(AS), ExPr; H.E. Duxbury RS; B. Fawcett Ge, M, P, B(AS); A. Fitch-Peyton CC, BS(AS); M.A. Fletcher Des, Ge, Gm; N.K. Freeborn E Lit, Ps, RS; O.C. Fyfe E Lit, H, L, Ge(AS); W.E. Green Ge, M, P, C(AS); S.R. Grimaldi E Lit, RS, Sp; H.W. Heathcote G, Ge, GC(AS); S.W.G. Hemmings CC, TS; H.B. Holdsworth Ec, Ge, RS, M(AS); G.D.A. Hollins E Lit, Mu, RS; J. Horan E Lit, H, RS, Mu(AS); G. Huang Ch, FM, M, P; B.F.G. Hunt E Lit, Ec, RS, Ge(AS), ExPr; J.A. Hutchinson G, M, PE, B(AS); A.G. James M, P; K.A. John Ps, ExPr; K.K.T. Kitney G, Ge, M; P.J. Laidler E Lit, Ge, PE; G.K.P. Lee BS, Des, E Lit; Z.Y. Leung Ec, H, Ps, B(AS); B.M. Long G, Ge, M; F. Lugo C, G, M; P.S. Macdonald A, PE(AS); F.G.B. MacMillan C, M, P; E.H. Madronal E Lit, H, Ps; R.E. McAneny F, Sp; J.R. McKay C, FM, M, Ec(AS); M. Mendoza Guerrero A, M, P, Sp; J.E. Milburn BS, G, H, Ec(AS); S. Moore PE, Ps(AS) ; B.S. Moss C, Ge, M; R. Murata C, FM, M; B. Nowak C, FM, Gm, M, P; I.L. Page L, M, P, B(AS), ExPr; J.C.H. Park-Johnson BS, G, PE; N.I.A.F. Paynter C, FM, M, B(AS); J.M. Pearson Des, M; W.G.H. Player Mu, RS; L. Plumb BS, PE, TS; C.I. Preston E Lit, H, Ps, ExPr; J.T. Redmayne Des, Ps(AS); M.H. Robinson H, RS, TS; K.R. Russell B, C, M, P(AS), ExPr; C.W.G. Sanders CC, E Lit, RS; E. Sanson Des, Ec, M, E Lit(AS); A.F. Saunders E Lit, H, M(AS), ExPr; M. Scott B, C, M, B(AS); L.R. Scott-Dempster E Lit; M.B. Silvester C, E Lit, L, P(AS); A.L. Slattery B, C, M, P(AS); J.H. Smallwood BS, PE, Ps, ExPr; L.J. Smith E Lit, H, RS, E Lit(AS), ExPr; T.W. Smith Ec, M, Ps; L.A.B. Smithem G, Ge, RS; M.G. Stables G, Ge, M, C(AS), P(AS); O.J. Steele CC, H, RS; C.J. Stephenson G, Ge, BS(AS), ExPr; S. Stewart G, PE, BS(AS), ExPr; K.K. Tahirkheli E Lit, H, RS; P.C. Tam Ch, Ec, FM, M; P. Thienjarunchai B, C, M, G(AS) ; G.E. Thomas BS, Ps, RS ; J.W. Thomas C, FM, M, P; A. Twambley G, Ps; E.O. Ubah RS, ExPr; O.D. Ukponzene C, Ge, M, B(AS); O.H. Ward G(AS), Ge(AS), PE(AS); B.S. Watson B, C, M, G(AS); E. Weston E Lit, H, Ps; N. Wild Ge, PE; P. Worawechtanakul C, M, P, FM(AS); M. Zhang C, FM, M.

Kirkbie Kendal School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:55pm
Kirkbie Kendal School - A-level results

The Queen Katherine School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:19pm
The Queen Katherine School - A-level results

Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale - A-level Results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:18pm
Year 13 – A-level (AS-level) C. Adams Dr, E Lit, MS; P. Anderson A, E Lang, Tx, D(AS); I. Ashberry BS, ICT, Mu; S. Ashfield-Morgan H, Pt, Ps, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); G. Atkinson C, M, P, G(AS); M. Atkinson E Lang, HSC, PE; R. Attfield-Kirsopp Des, Ec, P, ExP(AS), M(AS); K. Bancroft Dr, MS, So, Ph(AS); E. Bedford E Lang, Ps, So, B(AS); T. Beuzeval E Lit, Gm, Ph, ExPr(AS), FT(AS); A. Billington E Lang, Ps, So, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); K. Bonwick C, M, P, ExPr(AS), H(AS); J. Boot Dr, E Lit, Ph, M(AS); F. Bowness Dr, M, Mu, ExPr(AS), F(AS); E. Bradbury B, Ps, So; I. Brennan A, E Lang, Tx, BS(AS), ExPr(AS); J. Brown BS, Ps, So, Pt(AS); L. Brown F, Pt, So, ExPr(AS); O. Budd HSC, M, Ps; K. Burford Hothersall Dr, FT, HSC(AS), So(AS), PE(AS); G. Burton BS, G, Ps, B(AS); K. Burton BS, E Lang, ICT, ExPr(AS), FT(AS); S. Butterworth BS, Des, Pt; E. Cade-Welsby E Lang, Pt, So, F(AS); J. Challis Des, Dr, PE; L. Chandler BS, M, P; R. Chandler Dr, E Lang, Mu, E Lit (AS); N. Chapman CSc, FM, M, ExPr(AS), P(AS); R. Chesney-Benson BS, E Lang, Mu; S. Christie B, Ec, E Lit, BS(AS), ExPr(AS); B. Clare E Lang, F, G, Mu(AS); R. Coates BS, Ec, H, E Lang(AS); S. Cockram Ec, M, P, Des(AS); M. Collinson E Lang, MS, Pt; R. Collis BS, Ec, Ps, B(AS); L. Comer C, H, P; C. Cowgill FT, HSC; Z. Croft E Lit, H, E Lang(AS); Z. Crombie A, E Lit, M, CSc(AS); J. Cuffe-Soan B, F, H; A. Davies B, E Lit, Ps, Ph(AS); L. Denney E Lang, HSC, Tx, Dr(AS), ExPr(AS); A. Duckworth BS, ICT, M, Ec(AS); C. Duhig C, M, P, ExPr(AS), FM(AS); G. Duxbury G, PE(AS); P. Easterby A, Pt, So; M. Eccleston A, Dr, Tx; E. Eddy B, C, G, ExPr(AS), H(AS); H. Evans A, BS, M, E Lit(AS); O. Fletcher E Lang, MS, Pt; A. Galbraith Des, M, P, FM(AS); I. Galbraith Des, M, P, C(AS), ExPr(AS); J. Gardner BS, H, PE, Ec(AS); L. Glaves BS, M, PE; A. Haigh B, C, H, ExPr(AS), M(AS); G. Hardman Ec, M, P, C(AS); D. Harrison BS, M, Sp; A. Hart CSc, M, MS, H(AS); W. Hindle B, C, M, H(AS); H. Hodgson HSC, So(AS); H. Hoggarth B, E Lit, H; E. Holborn BS, H, Pt; M. Holcroft B, E Lang, Pt; K. Howrie A, E Lit, Pt; S. Hughes PE, Pt, Ps, H(AS); C. Hunt B, C, G, ExPr(AS); S. Ingle C, M, P, ExPr(AS), FM(AS); F. Ingram E Lit, Gm, Ph, M(AS); N. Jackson BS, Des, ICT; C. Jeffries BS, Ps, So, Ph(AS); F. Jones E Lit, F, Gm, Ph, Mu(AS); J. Jones PE, Ps, So, A(AS); M. Jones Pt, Ps, So, ExPr(AS), Gm(AS); D. Kelly BS, E Lang, G, Ps(AS); R. Ketchen E Lang, MS, Pt, Tx(AS); D. King Ec, MS, P, Pt(AS); G. Lamb BS, Ec, E Lang, Ps(AS); E. Lambert BS, E Lang, ICT; N. Latimer E Lang, H, Pt, MS(AS); T. Lauretani E Lang, FT; J. Lavitad CSc, M, P; J. Letheren H, Ph, Ps, ExPr(AS), F(AS); G. Lindsey B, C, M, ExPr(AS), P(AS); E. Lomax C, M, P, ExPr(AS), Ps(AS); C. Marsh E Lit, F, H, ExPr(AS), M(AS); G. Martin BS, E Lang, HSC; T. Martlew Des, M, P, G(AS); J. Maxwell FM, M, P, C(AS), ExPr(AS); R. Middleston Pt, Ps, So, E Lang(AS); J. Milner Ec, Ph, Ps, ExPr(AS); S. Moore Des, M, P, B(AS); B. Morgan E Lang, H, Ph, ExPr(AS), Mu(AS); C. Nelson BS, HSC, ICT; E. Newton B, HSC, Sp, ExPr(AS); T. O'Keeffe CSc, M, P, ICT(AS); E. Ormrod BS, E Lang, MS; W. Osborne Des, M, P, ExPr(AS), G(AS); L. Parkhouse BS, E Lang, So, Ps(AS); S. Part F, HSC, Ps; S. Pattinson Des, M, P, C(AS), ExPr(AS); J. Pickard Ec, G, M, ExPr(AS), P(AS); A. Plummer CSc, M, P, ExPr(AS), G(AS); A. Potts E Lang, E Lit, H, ExPr(AS); S. Potts A, E Lit, H, ExPr(AS), Ps(AS); A. Prall Dr, Pt, So,  F(AS); M. Pritchard B, F, HSC, C(AS), ExPr(AS); L. Procter Ec, Gm, Sp, ExPr(AS), F(AS), M(AS); J. Rae BS, Des, Pt(AS); E. Robinson A, E Lit, Pt, E Lang(AS); A. Ross M, Ph, Ps; E. Ross H, M, P, ExPr(AS); J. Rowley Ec, E Lang, MS, Tx(AS); K. Rowley FT, G, HSC, Dr(AS); C. Salisbury Des, M, P, A(AS); L. Sayle Ec, E Lit, M, Ex(AS); R. Semple B, C, E Lang, ExPr(AS), ICT(AS); A. Sharp A, Dr, Mu, E Lit(AS); J. Sillars A, MS, Tx, ExPr(AS); C. Slinger B, E Lit, H, Ps(AS); D. Smith Des, Pt; J. Smith BS, E Lang, H, ICT(AS); M. Smith BS, PE, Tx; O. Smith M, Mu, Ps, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); M. Somers E Lang, Ec, H; C. Stephens BS, Ec, H; W. Stevenson Ec, M, Ps; J. Storey B, E Lang, Ps; E. Street BS, H, PE; O. Stretton E Lang, HSC, MS, H(AS); N. Taplin BS, Ec, H, PE(AS); S. Taylor Dr, MS, So, ExP(AS); D. Thomas F, H, Mu, BS(AS); A. Thompson C, M, P, B(AS), FM(AS); J. Thomson Des, G, P, M(AS); C. Thornton BS, Des, ICT; R. Thorpe-Monaghan Dr, HSC, Ps; C. Tomlinson B, C, F, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); L. Tomlinson H, B(AS), BS(AS); A. Troon Des, Pt, P; E. Tully G, Gm, Sp, BS(AS), ExPr(AS); P. Walker; B, G, Ph; H. Weltzien B, H, Ps, C(AS); S. Weston BS, F, G; I. Whitaker CSc, Ec, E Lit, ExPr(AS); F. Whittaker E Lang, HSC, Ps; K. Whittaker F, M, Mu, ExPr(AS); H. Williams BS, M, P, FM(AS); J. Willis A, Pt, MS(AS); O. Wilson BS, G, Ps, B(AS); H. Winn H, MS, Tx, A(AS); T. Wood A, F, G; K. Woof B, BS, HSC, So(AS); M. Woof A, E Lang, Ps; T. Woolley E Lang, H, Pt, Ps(AS); V. Wray MS, Ps, So, BS(AS); J. Wren BS, Ec, H, CSc(AS); O. Wright A, MS, Pt, Tx. Year 12 – AS-level F. Amayuelas-Tann B, C, Ps, Sp; T. Anderson Ec, H; J. Aubrey G, M, FM, P; B. Barlow Cm, Pt, P; A. Barnes B, C, G, H; M. BFAon FA, Dr, E Lit; K. Berry PrDes; L. Berry FA, BS, Tx; J. Betley-Makinson Dr, E Lang, H, Ps; T. Beuzeval Cm, Ec, H, Ph; J. Boothman FA, PrDes, Pt; M. Bowers E Lit, H, Ph, Ps; I. Boyd FA, BS, PrDes, Pt; H. Bradley Ec, H, Ph; M. Brigham FA, Pt, So; E. Broad Ec, E Lang, H; E. Brown BS, PrDes, Pt; R. Brown PrDes, M, FM, P; M. Brownsord FA, E Lang; A. Burd BS, C, M, H; C. Cadwallender Dr, E Lang, E Lit, Ph; L. Campbell C, Cm; I. Campion Dr, E Lit, Ph; A. Ceesay PrDes, P, Ps; C. Christmas G, E Lit, HSC, H; C. Cochrane Ec, M, H, P; J. Confue C, PrDes, P; F. Crackles B, C, PE; C. Crossley B, C, E Lang, M; M. Crossman BS, C, PrDes; S. Dale E Lang, F, G; B. Darlington B, C, M; K. Davies Dr, E Lang, HSC, So; B. Dinsdale BS, PrDes, Ps; F. Dodd Cm, M, FM, P; F. Duxbury B, M, Mu, Ps; S. Duxbury BS, E Lit, M, Mu; B. Evans BS, H, PE; K. Forrest E Lit, H, Ph, Ps; C. Foster B, BS, E Lit, H; H. Fraser B, Dr, G, Sp; A. Gavriluk E Lang, HSC, MS, Mu; R. Gibson E Lit, H, Ph; E. Goodall E Lit, M, H, Mu; S. Hans-Brooker D, Dr, E Lit; I. Harpham FA, BS, Tx; B. Harrison Cm, Pt, P; M. HaygFAh M, H, Mu, F; K. Haywood PrDes, Pt, HSC; B. Heath Ec, M, P; G. Heath BS, Pt, FT, MS; O. Hensman-Crook C, M, FM, P; L. Holgate PrDes, E Lang, Pt; S. Horrocks B, C, M, P; G. Houghton C, M, FM, P; H. Howard B, H; L. Hudson Dr, E Lit, Ph; H. Hunt Ps; A. Jackson Cm, M, FM, P; E. Jackson BS, HSC, So; E. Jeffery B, C, FT; B. Jones B, C, Ps; G. Joyram FA, So, Tx; S. Kenyon FA, C, E Lit; A. Kirkwood HSC, So; E. Knaggs E Lang; M. Lambert Cm, M; S. Lawrence B, C, G, H; V. Lawson E Lang; M. Leach BS, PE, Ps; A. Leadbitter E Lang, H, Ps; H. Leaf BS, D, H; K. Liddle FA, E Lit, H, Ps; D. Littler BS, PrDes, E Lang; O. Loffelmann FA, C, F, Ps; E. Maguire FA, BS, E Lang, Ps; H. Marrs E Lang, HSC; J. Marshall E Lit, H; H. Mason Dr, Pt, H, Ph; F. McPherson Cm, PrDes; B. Metcalfe BS; A. Miles FA, BS, PrDes, Pt; F. Milligan D, E Lang, Ps, So; J. Modar B, E Lang, Ps; A. Morrison D, Pt, Dr, MS; C. Morton FA, E Lang, Pt; T. Moses Cm, M, FM, P; L. Murtagh F, Mu, Sp; C. Nayler D, Pt, Dr, MS; C. Needham BS, Pt, Ec; E. Neesham B, C, E Lang, FT; J. Newbold BS, C; J. Nicholls Cm, M, FM, P; R. Nicholson B, BS, PE; A. O'Donnell BS, Ec, E Lit, H; E. Outterside PrDes, Pt, Tx; N. Pike C, M, FM, P; D. Power BS, PrDes, Pt, Ec; M. Price Cm, P; L. Primrose FA, Pt, Ps, So; M. Robertshaw    Cm, M, FM, P; A. Robinson FA, B, C; J. Robinson FA, BS , E Lang, HSC; M. Robinson BS, C, Ec; A. Roper HSC, MS, Pt; L. Rushton BS, Ec, M, P; Z. Scott FA, E Lit, G, Mu; R. Seger Bernard Dr , E Lang, G; I. Shannon B, E Lit, G, H; R. Sharkey FA, Ec, E Lit, H; E. Smith B, E Lit, H; N. Storey Archer B, Ec, E Lang, G; S. Stott B, C, Ec, M; E. Stretch BS, Ps; R. Suddaby B, Ec, G; M. Sykes B, E Lang, F; A. Symons B, C, G, M; S. Tallon BS, H, PE; H. Tamlin H, Pt; J. Thompson FA, HSC, Ps; S. Thompson FA, E Lang, Ph; C. Thorsen BS, So; H. Todd FA, Pt, Tx; P. Tough M, FM, Mu, Ps; A. Tracey BS, D, So; B. Wania BS, Ec, H; F. Warman BS, E Lit, Tx; I. Weber E Lang, F, M; J. Weeks FA, C, F, P; N. WhFAon FA, BS; C. White BS, Ps, Sp, So; L. Wild B, C, M, P; M. Wilson BS, E Lang; H. Winnard B, BS, Ps, So; G. Winter B, M, H, Ph; E. Wood BS, Dr, MS; S. Woolley Cm, M, FM, P; E. Wright B, BS, G, PE; M. Wylder BS, Ec, E Lit, H; A. Yafai Pt, Ph, Ps.

Three new homes for former Clapham garage narrowly approved

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:00pm
PLANS to add three new family homes onto an under-construction Clapham housing development have been narrowly approved.

PROPERTY: Homes at The Beeches, Ford Park, Ulverston, to start from £375,000

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:00pm
A DEVELOPER has given the first glimpse of the show home at a luxury collection of new homes in Ulverston.

Kendal councillor breaks down in tears as emotions run high at World Athletics Championships

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:49am
THE emotions of a history-making night at the World Athletics Championships proved to be too much for one Kendal councillor.

Dallam School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:44am
A-level results - Dallam

Plans refused for large hen house at Marton due to impact on the area

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:31am
PLANS for a 16,000 hen chicken house have been scuppered as town planners are set to refuse to grant permission.

Marie Curie appeals for South Lakes volunteers

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:19am
MARIE Curie, a charity that provides support for the terminally ill and their families, is appealing for volunteers to help with its South Lakeland summer collections.

Farmers uncertain over egg scandal impact on Cumbria

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:06am
THE future is uncertain for Cumbrian egg producers, as the scandal over contaminated eggs from Europe leave farmers uncertain over how the public will react.

Lancaster Girls' Grammar School - A-level results (including AS results)

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:05am
Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School - A-level results (including AS results)

Lancaster Royal Grammar School - A level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 10:25am
M.Z. Absar M; M.A. Al-Rifai EPQ, M; D.C. Arey M; J.J. Atkinson EPQ, M; G.W. Attwood EPQ, M; A. Bartaula M; A. Bashir M; A.M. Beet M; A. Bhattacharyya M; M.H. Blackett-Ord M; T. Bolton PrDes, M; H.S. Bower M; F.S. Bristow M; J.J. Brown M; W.J. Burrow M; W.J. Burrow M; E. Carson-Walker M; J.R. Carter EPQ, M; A.W. Choi M; D.J. Clemson PrDes; A.J. Clifford PrDes, M; F.T. Clifton-Baran PrDes; J.M. Collin EPQ, M; N.J. Collins PrDes, M; L.J. Cooper M; M.A. Dadabhoy M; H.C. Deed M; D.R. Dixon M; E.S. Dixon EPQ; G.C. Dobson EPQ, M; H.P. Douglas-Jones M; A.S. Eastham M; D.J. Eastham M; J.P. Eckersley EPQ, M; E.A. Faucitt M; B.W. Felstead M; J.J. Fogg M; S.P. Gelder M; B.D. Heseltine PrDes, EPQ, M; E.C. Higgs EPQ; L.S. Hinnigan M; N.O. Idowu M; T.M. Jain M; S.N. Jeffery M; H. Jones M; L.C. Kamijo-Flanagan EPQ, M; R.J. Kennedy M; T.R. Kerr M; J.A. Kidd M; B.A. Knott M; A. Kochhar EPQ, M; D.P. Kozma-Percy M; A.N. Leech M; Y. Li M, Ch(A); G.J. Littler M; L. MacPherson M; D. Madej PrDes, M; J.M. Marsh M; J.A. Mason EPQ, M; F.S. McLean M; A.R. McMillan M; W.R. Minchom PrDes; J.E. Morphet M; M. Musa M; M.A. Neil M; C.J. Nicholls PrDes, M; T.M. Nicholls M; T.C. Oldham M; K.M. Oommen EPQ, M; E.E. Otoibhi M; S.O. Otto M; T. Oyebola M; H. Patel M; C. Pau EPQ, M; H.T. Pickthall EPQ; R.N. Preston EPQ, M; R. Reji M; W.A. Ritchie M; J.W. Rogers EPQ, M; S.J. Roskell PrDes, M; A.J. Ross M; C.J. Rowbotham M; A.D. Royce M; V. Rungta EPQ, M; D.J. Salzedo EPQ, M; A.T. Sealy M; A. Singh EPQ, M; A. Sinha M; A.D. Sloss PrDes; A.M. Suleman M; J.O. Sutton M; M. Tai M, Ch(A); L.M. Targett PrDes, M; M.S. Thackrah M; P. Thanikachalam EPQ, M; S.P. Thornton M; P. Tiwari M; J.J. Twigg M; J.J. White EPQ, M; S.D. White M; C.M. Whittaker PrDes, EPQ, M; A.W. Whyte M; S. Wilding EPQ, M; S.J. Wiley M; A.C. Wong M; K. Wong EPQ, M; J. Wood M; A.D. Woodley EPQ, M; T.T. Ye EPQ, M; X. Zhuang M; M.Z. Ziba M.