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The Lakes School - A level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 3:04pm
YEAR 13 – A level and BTEC Results

Barrow Sixth Form College - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 2:59pm
Barrow Sixth Form College - A-level results

Historic show returns for another year

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 2:53pm
A SOUTH Lakes show steeped in history will be returning next week.

Appleby Grammar School Results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 2:34pm
A-level Results                  

Kendal comedy trio make popular parody farming song

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 2:18pm
A COMEDY band based in Kendal have released a video in which they parody the Lake District farming way of life.

Settle College - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:57pm
Settle College - A-level results

Millom School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:40pm
Millom School - A-level results

INQUEST: Well-known Grasmere man died after falling into the River Rothay

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:40pm
A POPULAR Grasmere man drowned after he fell into the River Rothay, and inquest at Kendal heard.

Farming diary

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:27pm
Summer time is show time and we are now well in to show season.

Kirkby Stephen Grammar School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:24pm
Kirkby Stephen Grammar School - A-level results

Sedbergh School - A-level Results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 1:14pm
D. Abashkina A, Ge, R; P.J. Ashall Des; P.E. Baerschmidt BS, E Lit, G(AS); V.E.J. Bailey C, M, P; J.L. Bird E Lit, Ec, Ge, B(AS); H.E.B. Bolton Ge, H, RS; R.D. Bradley C, Ge, P, M(AS); F.A. Brearley A, Des, RS, ExPr; A. Byrne-Watts E Lit, Ec, RS, Sp(AS); R.J. Canham Ec, PE, Ps; G. Carberry E Lit, H, RS; J.L. Carruthers E Lit, Ec, GC; B.M. Chamberlain B, G, Ge; J.K.Y. Chan Ch, C, M; Y. Chen Ch, FM, M, P; K.Y. Chung Ch, H, Ps, Sp(AS); N.D. Combe E Lit, G, ExPr; W.C. Cowen G, Ge, RS; T.A. Curran E Lit, Ge, Ps; C.A.J. Dale Ge, M, PE; A. Daniel GC, M, R,  P(AS); C.S. Dobson E Lit, Ge, RS, Ec(AS); F. Dottinger BS, Gm, M, G(AS); S.G. Down Des, GC, PE(AS); A.A. Duncan E Lit, H, L, B(AS), ExPr; H.E. Duxbury RS; B. Fawcett Ge, M, P, B(AS); A. Fitch-Peyton CC, BS(AS); M.A. Fletcher Des, Ge, Gm; N.K. Freeborn E Lit, Ps, RS; O.C. Fyfe E Lit, H, L, Ge(AS); W.E. Green Ge, M, P, C(AS); S.R. Grimaldi E Lit, RS, Sp; H.W. Heathcote G, Ge, GC(AS); S.W.G. Hemmings CC, TS; H.B. Holdsworth Ec, Ge, RS, M(AS); G.D.A. Hollins E Lit, Mu, RS; J. Horan E Lit, H, RS, Mu(AS); G. Huang Ch, FM, M, P; B.F.G. Hunt E Lit, Ec, RS, Ge(AS), ExPr; J.A. Hutchinson G, M, PE, B(AS); A.G. James M, P; K.A. John Ps, ExPr; K.K.T. Kitney G, Ge, M; P.J. Laidler E Lit, Ge, PE; G.K.P. Lee BS, Des, E Lit; Z.Y. Leung Ec, H, Ps, B(AS); B.M. Long G, Ge, M; F. Lugo C, G, M; P.S. Macdonald A, PE(AS); F.G.B. MacMillan C, M, P; E.H. Madronal E Lit, H, Ps; R.E. McAneny F, Sp; J.R. McKay C, FM, M, Ec(AS); M. Mendoza Guerrero A, M, P, Sp; J.E. Milburn BS, G, H, Ec(AS); S. Moore PE, Ps(AS) ; B.S. Moss C, Ge, M; R. Murata C, FM, M; B. Nowak C, FM, Gm, M, P; I.L. Page L, M, P, B(AS), ExPr; J.C.H. Park-Johnson BS, G, PE; N.I.A.F. Paynter C, FM, M, B(AS); J.M. Pearson Des, M; W.G.H. Player Mu, RS; L. Plumb BS, PE, TS; C.I. Preston E Lit, H, Ps, ExPr; J.T. Redmayne Des, Ps(AS); M.H. Robinson H, RS, TS; K.R. Russell B, C, M, P(AS), ExPr; C.W.G. Sanders CC, E Lit, RS; E. Sanson Des, Ec, M, E Lit(AS); A.F. Saunders E Lit, H, M(AS), ExPr; M. Scott B, C, M, B(AS); L.R. Scott-Dempster E Lit; M.B. Silvester C, E Lit, L, P(AS); A.L. Slattery B, C, M, P(AS); J.H. Smallwood BS, PE, Ps, ExPr; L.J. Smith E Lit, H, RS, E Lit(AS), ExPr; T.W. Smith Ec, M, Ps; L.A.B. Smithem G, Ge, RS; M.G. Stables G, Ge, M, C(AS), P(AS); O.J. Steele CC, H, RS; C.J. Stephenson G, Ge, BS(AS), ExPr; S. Stewart G, PE, BS(AS), ExPr; K.K. Tahirkheli E Lit, H, RS; P.C. Tam Ch, Ec, FM, M; P. Thienjarunchai B, C, M, G(AS) ; G.E. Thomas BS, Ps, RS ; J.W. Thomas C, FM, M, P; A. Twambley G, Ps; E.O. Ubah RS, ExPr; O.D. Ukponzene C, Ge, M, B(AS); O.H. Ward G(AS), Ge(AS), PE(AS); B.S. Watson B, C, M, G(AS); E. Weston E Lit, H, Ps; N. Wild Ge, PE; P. Worawechtanakul C, M, P, FM(AS); M. Zhang C, FM, M.

Kirkbie Kendal School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:55pm
Kirkbie Kendal School - A-level results

The Queen Katherine School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:19pm
The Queen Katherine School - A-level results

Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale - A-level Results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:18pm
Year 13 – A-level (AS-level) C. Adams Dr, E Lit, MS; P. Anderson A, E Lang, Tx, D(AS); I. Ashberry BS, ICT, Mu; S. Ashfield-Morgan H, Pt, Ps, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); G. Atkinson C, M, P, G(AS); M. Atkinson E Lang, HSC, PE; R. Attfield-Kirsopp Des, Ec, P, ExP(AS), M(AS); K. Bancroft Dr, MS, So, Ph(AS); E. Bedford E Lang, Ps, So, B(AS); T. Beuzeval E Lit, Gm, Ph, ExPr(AS), FT(AS); A. Billington E Lang, Ps, So, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); K. Bonwick C, M, P, ExPr(AS), H(AS); J. Boot Dr, E Lit, Ph, M(AS); F. Bowness Dr, M, Mu, ExPr(AS), F(AS); E. Bradbury B, Ps, So; I. Brennan A, E Lang, Tx, BS(AS), ExPr(AS); J. Brown BS, Ps, So, Pt(AS); L. Brown F, Pt, So, ExPr(AS); O. Budd HSC, M, Ps; K. Burford Hothersall Dr, FT, HSC(AS), So(AS), PE(AS); G. Burton BS, G, Ps, B(AS); K. Burton BS, E Lang, ICT, ExPr(AS), FT(AS); S. Butterworth BS, Des, Pt; E. Cade-Welsby E Lang, Pt, So, F(AS); J. Challis Des, Dr, PE; L. Chandler BS, M, P; R. Chandler Dr, E Lang, Mu, E Lit (AS); N. Chapman CSc, FM, M, ExPr(AS), P(AS); R. Chesney-Benson BS, E Lang, Mu; S. Christie B, Ec, E Lit, BS(AS), ExPr(AS); B. Clare E Lang, F, G, Mu(AS); R. Coates BS, Ec, H, E Lang(AS); S. Cockram Ec, M, P, Des(AS); M. Collinson E Lang, MS, Pt; R. Collis BS, Ec, Ps, B(AS); L. Comer C, H, P; C. Cowgill FT, HSC; Z. Croft E Lit, H, E Lang(AS); Z. Crombie A, E Lit, M, CSc(AS); J. Cuffe-Soan B, F, H; A. Davies B, E Lit, Ps, Ph(AS); L. Denney E Lang, HSC, Tx, Dr(AS), ExPr(AS); A. Duckworth BS, ICT, M, Ec(AS); C. Duhig C, M, P, ExPr(AS), FM(AS); G. Duxbury G, PE(AS); P. Easterby A, Pt, So; M. Eccleston A, Dr, Tx; E. Eddy B, C, G, ExPr(AS), H(AS); H. Evans A, BS, M, E Lit(AS); O. Fletcher E Lang, MS, Pt; A. Galbraith Des, M, P, FM(AS); I. Galbraith Des, M, P, C(AS), ExPr(AS); J. Gardner BS, H, PE, Ec(AS); L. Glaves BS, M, PE; A. Haigh B, C, H, ExPr(AS), M(AS); G. Hardman Ec, M, P, C(AS); D. Harrison BS, M, Sp; A. Hart CSc, M, MS, H(AS); W. Hindle B, C, M, H(AS); H. Hodgson HSC, So(AS); H. Hoggarth B, E Lit, H; E. Holborn BS, H, Pt; M. Holcroft B, E Lang, Pt; K. Howrie A, E Lit, Pt; S. Hughes PE, Pt, Ps, H(AS); C. Hunt B, C, G, ExPr(AS); S. Ingle C, M, P, ExPr(AS), FM(AS); F. Ingram E Lit, Gm, Ph, M(AS); N. Jackson BS, Des, ICT; C. Jeffries BS, Ps, So, Ph(AS); F. Jones E Lit, F, Gm, Ph, Mu(AS); J. Jones PE, Ps, So, A(AS); M. Jones Pt, Ps, So, ExPr(AS), Gm(AS); D. Kelly BS, E Lang, G, Ps(AS); R. Ketchen E Lang, MS, Pt, Tx(AS); D. King Ec, MS, P, Pt(AS); G. Lamb BS, Ec, E Lang, Ps(AS); E. Lambert BS, E Lang, ICT; N. Latimer E Lang, H, Pt, MS(AS); T. Lauretani E Lang, FT; J. Lavitad CSc, M, P; J. Letheren H, Ph, Ps, ExPr(AS), F(AS); G. Lindsey B, C, M, ExPr(AS), P(AS); E. Lomax C, M, P, ExPr(AS), Ps(AS); C. Marsh E Lit, F, H, ExPr(AS), M(AS); G. Martin BS, E Lang, HSC; T. Martlew Des, M, P, G(AS); J. Maxwell FM, M, P, C(AS), ExPr(AS); R. Middleston Pt, Ps, So, E Lang(AS); J. Milner Ec, Ph, Ps, ExPr(AS); S. Moore Des, M, P, B(AS); B. Morgan E Lang, H, Ph, ExPr(AS), Mu(AS); C. Nelson BS, HSC, ICT; E. Newton B, HSC, Sp, ExPr(AS); T. O'Keeffe CSc, M, P, ICT(AS); E. Ormrod BS, E Lang, MS; W. Osborne Des, M, P, ExPr(AS), G(AS); L. Parkhouse BS, E Lang, So, Ps(AS); S. Part F, HSC, Ps; S. Pattinson Des, M, P, C(AS), ExPr(AS); J. Pickard Ec, G, M, ExPr(AS), P(AS); A. Plummer CSc, M, P, ExPr(AS), G(AS); A. Potts E Lang, E Lit, H, ExPr(AS); S. Potts A, E Lit, H, ExPr(AS), Ps(AS); A. Prall Dr, Pt, So,  F(AS); M. Pritchard B, F, HSC, C(AS), ExPr(AS); L. Procter Ec, Gm, Sp, ExPr(AS), F(AS), M(AS); J. Rae BS, Des, Pt(AS); E. Robinson A, E Lit, Pt, E Lang(AS); A. Ross M, Ph, Ps; E. Ross H, M, P, ExPr(AS); J. Rowley Ec, E Lang, MS, Tx(AS); K. Rowley FT, G, HSC, Dr(AS); C. Salisbury Des, M, P, A(AS); L. Sayle Ec, E Lit, M, Ex(AS); R. Semple B, C, E Lang, ExPr(AS), ICT(AS); A. Sharp A, Dr, Mu, E Lit(AS); J. Sillars A, MS, Tx, ExPr(AS); C. Slinger B, E Lit, H, Ps(AS); D. Smith Des, Pt; J. Smith BS, E Lang, H, ICT(AS); M. Smith BS, PE, Tx; O. Smith M, Mu, Ps, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); M. Somers E Lang, Ec, H; C. Stephens BS, Ec, H; W. Stevenson Ec, M, Ps; J. Storey B, E Lang, Ps; E. Street BS, H, PE; O. Stretton E Lang, HSC, MS, H(AS); N. Taplin BS, Ec, H, PE(AS); S. Taylor Dr, MS, So, ExP(AS); D. Thomas F, H, Mu, BS(AS); A. Thompson C, M, P, B(AS), FM(AS); J. Thomson Des, G, P, M(AS); C. Thornton BS, Des, ICT; R. Thorpe-Monaghan Dr, HSC, Ps; C. Tomlinson B, C, F, ExPr(AS), Ph(AS); L. Tomlinson H, B(AS), BS(AS); A. Troon Des, Pt, P; E. Tully G, Gm, Sp, BS(AS), ExPr(AS); P. Walker; B, G, Ph; H. Weltzien B, H, Ps, C(AS); S. Weston BS, F, G; I. Whitaker CSc, Ec, E Lit, ExPr(AS); F. Whittaker E Lang, HSC, Ps; K. Whittaker F, M, Mu, ExPr(AS); H. Williams BS, M, P, FM(AS); J. Willis A, Pt, MS(AS); O. Wilson BS, G, Ps, B(AS); H. Winn H, MS, Tx, A(AS); T. Wood A, F, G; K. Woof B, BS, HSC, So(AS); M. Woof A, E Lang, Ps; T. Woolley E Lang, H, Pt, Ps(AS); V. Wray MS, Ps, So, BS(AS); J. Wren BS, Ec, H, CSc(AS); O. Wright A, MS, Pt, Tx. Year 12 – AS-level F. Amayuelas-Tann B, C, Ps, Sp; T. Anderson Ec, H; J. Aubrey G, M, FM, P; B. Barlow Cm, Pt, P; A. Barnes B, C, G, H; M. BFAon FA, Dr, E Lit; K. Berry PrDes; L. Berry FA, BS, Tx; J. Betley-Makinson Dr, E Lang, H, Ps; T. Beuzeval Cm, Ec, H, Ph; J. Boothman FA, PrDes, Pt; M. Bowers E Lit, H, Ph, Ps; I. Boyd FA, BS, PrDes, Pt; H. Bradley Ec, H, Ph; M. Brigham FA, Pt, So; E. Broad Ec, E Lang, H; E. Brown BS, PrDes, Pt; R. Brown PrDes, M, FM, P; M. Brownsord FA, E Lang; A. Burd BS, C, M, H; C. Cadwallender Dr, E Lang, E Lit, Ph; L. Campbell C, Cm; I. Campion Dr, E Lit, Ph; A. Ceesay PrDes, P, Ps; C. Christmas G, E Lit, HSC, H; C. Cochrane Ec, M, H, P; J. Confue C, PrDes, P; F. Crackles B, C, PE; C. Crossley B, C, E Lang, M; M. Crossman BS, C, PrDes; S. Dale E Lang, F, G; B. Darlington B, C, M; K. Davies Dr, E Lang, HSC, So; B. Dinsdale BS, PrDes, Ps; F. Dodd Cm, M, FM, P; F. Duxbury B, M, Mu, Ps; S. Duxbury BS, E Lit, M, Mu; B. Evans BS, H, PE; K. Forrest E Lit, H, Ph, Ps; C. Foster B, BS, E Lit, H; H. Fraser B, Dr, G, Sp; A. Gavriluk E Lang, HSC, MS, Mu; R. Gibson E Lit, H, Ph; E. Goodall E Lit, M, H, Mu; S. Hans-Brooker D, Dr, E Lit; I. Harpham FA, BS, Tx; B. Harrison Cm, Pt, P; M. HaygFAh M, H, Mu, F; K. Haywood PrDes, Pt, HSC; B. Heath Ec, M, P; G. Heath BS, Pt, FT, MS; O. Hensman-Crook C, M, FM, P; L. Holgate PrDes, E Lang, Pt; S. Horrocks B, C, M, P; G. Houghton C, M, FM, P; H. Howard B, H; L. Hudson Dr, E Lit, Ph; H. Hunt Ps; A. Jackson Cm, M, FM, P; E. Jackson BS, HSC, So; E. Jeffery B, C, FT; B. Jones B, C, Ps; G. Joyram FA, So, Tx; S. Kenyon FA, C, E Lit; A. Kirkwood HSC, So; E. Knaggs E Lang; M. Lambert Cm, M; S. Lawrence B, C, G, H; V. Lawson E Lang; M. Leach BS, PE, Ps; A. Leadbitter E Lang, H, Ps; H. Leaf BS, D, H; K. Liddle FA, E Lit, H, Ps; D. Littler BS, PrDes, E Lang; O. Loffelmann FA, C, F, Ps; E. Maguire FA, BS, E Lang, Ps; H. Marrs E Lang, HSC; J. Marshall E Lit, H; H. Mason Dr, Pt, H, Ph; F. McPherson Cm, PrDes; B. Metcalfe BS; A. Miles FA, BS, PrDes, Pt; F. Milligan D, E Lang, Ps, So; J. Modar B, E Lang, Ps; A. Morrison D, Pt, Dr, MS; C. Morton FA, E Lang, Pt; T. Moses Cm, M, FM, P; L. Murtagh F, Mu, Sp; C. Nayler D, Pt, Dr, MS; C. Needham BS, Pt, Ec; E. Neesham B, C, E Lang, FT; J. Newbold BS, C; J. Nicholls Cm, M, FM, P; R. Nicholson B, BS, PE; A. O'Donnell BS, Ec, E Lit, H; E. Outterside PrDes, Pt, Tx; N. Pike C, M, FM, P; D. Power BS, PrDes, Pt, Ec; M. Price Cm, P; L. Primrose FA, Pt, Ps, So; M. Robertshaw    Cm, M, FM, P; A. Robinson FA, B, C; J. Robinson FA, BS , E Lang, HSC; M. Robinson BS, C, Ec; A. Roper HSC, MS, Pt; L. Rushton BS, Ec, M, P; Z. Scott FA, E Lit, G, Mu; R. Seger Bernard Dr , E Lang, G; I. Shannon B, E Lit, G, H; R. Sharkey FA, Ec, E Lit, H; E. Smith B, E Lit, H; N. Storey Archer B, Ec, E Lang, G; S. Stott B, C, Ec, M; E. Stretch BS, Ps; R. Suddaby B, Ec, G; M. Sykes B, E Lang, F; A. Symons B, C, G, M; S. Tallon BS, H, PE; H. Tamlin H, Pt; J. Thompson FA, HSC, Ps; S. Thompson FA, E Lang, Ph; C. Thorsen BS, So; H. Todd FA, Pt, Tx; P. Tough M, FM, Mu, Ps; A. Tracey BS, D, So; B. Wania BS, Ec, H; F. Warman BS, E Lit, Tx; I. Weber E Lang, F, M; J. Weeks FA, C, F, P; N. WhFAon FA, BS; C. White BS, Ps, Sp, So; L. Wild B, C, M, P; M. Wilson BS, E Lang; H. Winnard B, BS, Ps, So; G. Winter B, M, H, Ph; E. Wood BS, Dr, MS; S. Woolley Cm, M, FM, P; E. Wright B, BS, G, PE; M. Wylder BS, Ec, E Lit, H; A. Yafai Pt, Ph, Ps.

Three new homes for former Clapham garage narrowly approved

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:00pm
PLANS to add three new family homes onto an under-construction Clapham housing development have been narrowly approved.

PROPERTY: Homes at The Beeches, Ford Park, Ulverston, to start from £375,000

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:00pm
A DEVELOPER has given the first glimpse of the show home at a luxury collection of new homes in Ulverston.

Kendal councillor breaks down in tears as emotions run high at World Athletics Championships

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:49am
THE emotions of a history-making night at the World Athletics Championships proved to be too much for one Kendal councillor.

Dallam School - A-level results

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:44am
A-level results - Dallam

Plans refused for large hen house at Marton due to impact on the area

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:31am
PLANS for a 16,000 hen chicken house have been scuppered as town planners are set to refuse to grant permission.

Marie Curie appeals for South Lakes volunteers

Thu, 17/08/2017 - 11:19am
MARIE Curie, a charity that provides support for the terminally ill and their families, is appealing for volunteers to help with its South Lakeland summer collections.